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Purdue for Life Foundation

Club Email and Event Forms

The Purdue for Life Foundation now manages club emails and event registrations centrally, beginning with our standardized email and event forms. This allows our combined email and event promotion efforts to be more effective, targeted, and streamlined, while also increasing visibility for club events and messages.

General Information Email Form

The general information email includes newsletters, general club information, etc. We request at least four (4) business days of advance notice for general information emails.

  • Please review the email text and correct any grammatical or informational errors before submission.
  • Clubs can attach a document with email text. In the “Please enter the text of your email” box, please write “Attached.”
  • Please be sure to submit event requests through the event registration and email form, rather than the general information form.

Check out our new Purdue Alumni Newsletter Template!

You may attach this template to the club’s email request or simply put this information in the text box in the request form. We will automatically have a donation link to the club’s scholarship fund and add the registration links for upcoming events. Click here to download template.


Event Registration and Email Form

Purdue for Life receives all types of event registration requests for alumni clubs (free, paid, tiered pricing, etc.). The number of emails sent to promote each event will depend on how far in advance Purdue for Life receives the event registration and email form. We request at least seven (7) business days of advance notice for event registrations and emails.

Each event registration may include:

  • An event listing on the Purdue for Life website.
  • Email promotion to alumni and friends in the club’s geographical area.
  • A confirmation email to registrants.
  • A reminder email sent to all registrants, with full event details.
  • Final registration report, sent prior to the event.

The number of emails sent for each event depends on when the request is received and other factors:

  • If the request is received at least one month prior to the event date, the event qualifies for invite email, reminder email, and pre-event email.
  • If the request is received less than a month prior to the event date, the event qualifies for invite email and pre-event email.
  • If the requestor has multiple events within the same time frame, emails will likely be merged to promote both events. For example, an invite email for one event might be merged with a reminder email for a separate event scheduled within the same time frame. We utilize this practice as a way to streamline communications and limit the number of emails sent to our constituents.

Requests for urgent event emails should be directed to and Urgent requests are defined as notices of an event cancellation or change of venue/times. If an urgent request is sent that is not deemed urgent, it will be routed through the normal process.