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Purdue for Life Foundation

International Network Leaders

Purdue International Alumni Leaders assist nearly 30,000 alumni around the world, in over 50 countries and nearly 100 cities worldwide. The Purdue for Life Foundation maintains International Alumni Networks to connect alumni to Purdue and to each other. Networks consist of small groups of alumni leaders facilitating personal, professional, well-being, service, and connection activities to engage alumni in their area.

Alumni Leader Roles

International Alumni Leaders assist global alumni, by volunteering first to serve as a contact (Ambassadors) and when applicable, by establishing or managing an alumni-driven network for fellow alumni in your local city/country (Network Leader).

Alumni Ambassadors

Ambassadors serve as a point of contact for Purdue in his/her particular geographic region, city or country. Ambassadors are not required to organize local alumni events (though welcome to do so, if interested) but are encouraged to remain connected to local alumni through occasional outreach efforts. Additionally, ambassadors serve as a liaison for any local Purdue activity, such as a visiting delegation, study abroad group, or prospective student inquiries, or events.

Alumni Network Leaders

Network Leaders serve the liaison role as well, and Networks are intended have several, active co-leaders involved. A team structure provides stability to organizations which service larger alumni populations and helps advance the Network’s primary function, to engage alumni through communication and events which are suited to the needs of their Network. Ongoing outreach activity to engage with local alumni is expected for alumni ambassadors interested in forming an alumni network.

International Alumni Networks are generally expected to be self-directed, with Purdue for Life Foundation staff providing guidance and support on an ongoing basis. In particular, Network Leaders should consult with the Purdue for Life Foundation in the development of long-term plans (i.e. annual activity plan) for the Network.  See the Support and Expectations pages for additional details.