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Purdue for Life Foundation
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customizable club items

Purdue Alumni Name Tag

Name badges can be ordered directly from Awards Unlimited. Once you have decided which style of badge you want, contact Ashley Smith of Awards Unlimited to complete your order.

Ashley Smith
There are two options:

$10.95 2-LINE // Name and club name
$11.95 3-LINE // Name, title, and club name
(shipping extra)

Purdue Alumni Business Card


Business card orders can be placed through the National Group. Please follow the instructions below to place an order.

Download and complete the form below, then email your completed form to for review. Once the card layout is approved, the artwork will be sent to the National Group.

To finalize the order, you will need to contact Leo Farrell of the National Group to arrange payment and shipping.

Leo Farrell

$47// 100 cards
$51 // 200 cards
$52 // 250 cards
$61 // 500 cards
$70// 750 cards
$78 // 1,000 cards
(shipping extra)
Purdue for Life Foundation zip up and polo


Custom club apparel and other items can be ordered through Freckles Graphics, which has a dedicated storefront page on its website for Purdue for Life Foundation items.