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Purdue Day of Giving Resources

The 10th annual Purdue Day of Giving is Wednesday, April 26. Come together with the Purdue community throughout Indiana, across the country, and around the world as we help the entire University take its next giant leap to build a better world together. 

Every gift matters and is appreciated. Even a $10 donation (the minimum to donate) can make a big difference!

The Purdue Day of Giving website is dayofgiving.purdue.edu/.

The Purdue Alumni page is dayofgiving.purdue.edu/organizations/purdue-alumni-association. Club leaderboards will appear on this page on April 26.

Each club also has its own direct link to its Purdue Day of Giving page. The links are located here and in the social media section below.

Clubs are not required to communicate about Purdue Day of Giving, but we encourage you to do so! Feel free to share content via your social channels at any time. The Purdue for Life Foundation will send an email around April 21 that will promote giving to club scholarship funds during Purdue Day of Giving. Due to the volume of emails sent to promote the event, individual club emails will not be sent.

Bonus Fund Challenge

We will host a challenge with a total of $10,000 in bonus scholarship gifts awarded to up to 11 clubs to encourage your participation during this year’s Purdue Day of Giving. The challenge is available to clubs with scholarship funds held at Purdue.

  • Eleven awards will be provided, and a club may win bonus funds in both leaderboards.
    • Example: if the Purdue Alumni Club of Tippecanoe County places #3 in total gifts and #2 in total dollars, that club will win $2,000 as a bonus scholarship gift.
  • Live leaderboards will be hosted on Purdue Alumni’s Purdue Day of Giving page. When making a donation, it is as simple as selecting your club fund from the list on that page and entering your gift amount.


ClubPlaceBonus Amount
Leaderboard by Total Gifts
Unit A1$2,250
Unit B2$2,000
Unit C3$1,000
Unit D4$750
Unit E5$500
Unit F6$250
Unit G7$150
Unit H8$100
Leaderboard by Total Dollars
Unit A1$1,500
Unit B2$1,000
Unit C3$500

Social Media Content

This year we have social media profile images, countdown gifs, and a video available for you to download or use. We also encourage sharing of Purdue University, Purdue for Life Foundation, and Purdue Alumni posts.


Each club has it’s own Purdue Day of Giving URL. Full and shorten lengths are available. 

Click here to access the links.


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Help us show the world what it means to be a Boilermaker!

The 10th annual Purdue Day of Giving is April 26! When you make a gift to our club scholarship fund, you’re helping to empower future leaders, innovators, and relentless dreamers. Every gift matters—it only takes $10 to make a difference. When we stand together, we can accomplish something big.

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YouTube URL: youtu.be/ODSHT9wJHuc

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Purdue has opened doors for all of us. Watch the teaser video and help spread the word for #PurdueDayofGiving! <Insert URL>