Affinity Network Expectations


  • Two or more annual events in different categories: Social Connections, Professional Development, Well-being, Community Service, Purdue Service, Connection
  • Complete pre-event notification (no less than two weeks before) events
  • Complete post-event (no less than two weeks after) events
  • Develop Network Annual Activity Plan


  • Communicate with alumni at least 4 times a year
  • Communicate with the association at least monthly
  • Maintain a social media presence for alumni in your location, using the preferred local platform and include Purdue for Life Foundation staff as administrators on alumni-managed social media groups
  • Ensure your Foundation-maintained website is accurate
  • Maintain a community in the Purdue Alumni Association Portal, which includes posting all events and responding to inquires


  • All leaders are current members
  • Promote membership
  • Member pricing for events


  • Assist with contact information updates on an ongoing basis (at least once annually)
  • Sign and comply with Data/Contact Information Usage Agreement
  • Include Purdue for Life Foundation staff as administrators on Network-managed social media groups


  • No less than three involved members sharing responsibilities
  • One primary contact for the association
  • Staggered terms to ease transition
  • Serve at discretion of the association


  • Appropriate representation of Purdue and the Purdue for Life Foundation (Statement of Integrity and Code of Conduct)
  • Comply with branding standards and guidelines
  • Always use your leadership role for Foundation rather than personal benefit

Contact Information

For additional questions or concerns, please contact your staff liaison.