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Purdue for Life Foundation

Scholarship Awarding Information

The Purdue for Life Foundation encourages clubs to maintain scholarship accounts at Purdue University. This year, we continue using a common online scholarship application and common deadlines for clubs that maintain scholarship funds at Purdue and select their own recipients. Please remember that how you promote your scholarship to students and how you grade/review applications remains unchanged. To help you share your scholarship opportunities with students, we have created a Student Guide to Scholarships page for convenient use by students. It is located at

Important Dates

January 15 Admission acceptance for early-action applicants. Deadline to submit email request.
January 25 Purdue for Life sends email to students at club’s request and shares student/parent lists with clubs sending own email. Click here to select your preference of who sends.
March 1 Application deadline for students. Deadline to submit scholarship committee members and their email addresses to Once we receive this information, we will send the Division of Financial Aid (DFA) Confidentiality Form via DocuSign to each member.
Mid-March Deadline to submit DFA Confidentiality Form. Clubs receive applications and ranking sheets.
April 15 Deadline to submit ranking sheet to

Division of Financial Aid (DFA) Confidentiality Form

The Division of Financial Aid (DFA) requires a list of all scholarship reviewers to have the DFA Confidentiality Form on file with the Division of Financial Aid. This is DFA legal data security policy and ensures the DFA and scholarship reviewers are compliant with federal, state, and University policies. It emphasizes the importance of protecting the data since it could include FAFSA data, which is highly sensitive. We will send the form to each reviewer via DocuSign. Click here to submit the scholarship committee.

How to Promote to Students

  1. Club website
    • The link to apply is on the club’s webpage.
  2. Social media post
    • Share the link on social media platforms.
  3. Promote at local high schools
    • Share information about the club’s scholarship and how to apply.
  4. Email to students
    • If you’d like the Purdue for Life Foundation to send on your behalf:
      • We will send one general email to students to promote club scholarships on behalf of all clubs. This email will include a link to an alumni club scholarship page that is dedicated to students.
      • We are not able to send the student list for you to review.
    • If you’d like to send your own email:
      1. Submit the scholarship email request form.
        • Please note that we obtain these lists from the Office of Admissions and/or the Office of the Registrar, and this may take up to two weeks for us to receive.
        • A signed copy of Disclosure Agreement for Student Addresses is required at the time of the student data request or must already be on file with our office.
          • We must have a signed copy from each person in the club who will see this information (e.g., if multiple people would be on an email with your student list attached).
      2. Once we receive your list from Admissions/Registrar, we will email it to you. The list is valid for two weeks. A new and updated list is required after that time.
        • We will share freshman lists on or after January 25.
      3. Draft your email. To help you create your communication, we have provided a sample email template below.

Sample Email to Students

Subject Line:  Purdue Alumni Club of [City/County/Area] Scholarships Email Body: The Purdue Alumni Club of [City/County/Area] is proud to announce an academic scholarship program for [current/incoming] Purdue students living in [city, counties, area]. The scholarships are provided by the Purdue for Life Foundation, Purdue alumni, and friends who have generously donated to support the next generation of Boilermakers in the Purdue Alumni Club of [City/County/Area]’s geographical area. This is the [X]th year of our club’s scholarship program, and more than [XX] scholarships totaling more than $[XXX,000] have been awarded in past years. Applications are due by [XX], and will be awarded on or before [XX] for the [XX] academic year. Students who have received other scholarships are eligible to apply. Recipients of the [XX-year] scholarships will be recognized at the annual Purdue Alumni Club of [City/County/Area] spring meeting. There is no charge for scholarship recipients to attend. For more information, visit our club’s [website/Facebook page – add hyperlink]. Please click here [add hyperlink] to apply. Questions? Contact [name of President, Scholarship Chair, etc.] at [phone] or [email]. We hope to hear from you soon!  Hail Purdue! Close Email