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Priority Points


Priority Points

JPC Priority Points

Priority points are used to determine priority for seating assignments. During allocation, members will be ranked based upon total priority points and tickets are allocated in that order. Parking passes are allocated based FIRST on giving level, THEN by priority points within that level.

The categories in which you can earn points are:

  • JPC membership bonus: all active members are awarded 50 points
  • Cumulative contributions: 1 point/$100
  • Deferred gifts: 1 point/$500
  • Premium seating: 1 point/$100
  • Football bowl ticket purchases: 2 points/year
  • Referral of new JPC members: 1 point/$100 of new member’s first gift
  • Continuous years of JPC membership: 2 points/year
  • Football season ticket holder status: 3 points/year
  • Men’s basketball season ticket holder status: 3 points/year
  • Women’s basketball season ticket holder: 3 points/year
  • Volleyball season ticket holder status: 3 points/year
  • Baseball season ticket holder status: 3 points
  • President’s Council membership ($1,000 in total donations to the University for the year): 3 points 
  • Purdue Alumni Association Annual Member: 3 points
  • Varsity P membership: 4 points

These categories are summed to determine your total points.