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Purdue Athletics

Purdue Athletics

JOHN PURDUE CLUB ANNUAL FUND: $13.5 million goal

After paying the entire $13.5 million scholarship bill in 2022 and 2023, we believe it is our responsibility to continue covering academic support costs for all qualifying Boilermaker student-athletes. While tuition and fees have remained consistent for the past 12 years, new scholarship expenses have arisen. Additionally, student-athletes are now granted financial assistance following changes to NCAA and Big Ten Conference legislation. In response to these changes, Purdue Athletics has created the Boilermaker Educational Benefit (BEB), which is an educational achievement award with an annual maximum value of $5,980 per student-athlete. Scholarships and the lifetime benefit they provide to our student-athletes will always be the highest priority for the Boilermakers.

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YOUR ROSS-ADE STADIUM: PHASE 2: $40 million goal

The second phase of Ross-Ade Stadium improvements and renovations will be announced later this year and will be critical as we continue to position Purdue Football for sustained success. Visit YourRossAde.com to learn more.

PROJECTS & ENDOWMENTS: $15 million goal

It’s essential that we continue to provide the necessary support to each of our sport programs in the form of facilities, coaching and training, travel and tournament opportunities, nutrition enhancements, academic advancements and more. The John Purdue Club will announce these opportunities and other emerging priorities on a continual basis throughout the year.

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Although all fundraising for name-image-likeness (NIL)-related activities must be external to the University and the athletics department, we would like to offer our endorsement of the considerable work done by many highly successful and engaged Purdue alumni to form the Boilermaker Alliance. Their announced annual goal of $6 million is representative of what we believe is necessary to provide our highest-profile programs and student-athletes with a competitive level of support. While we know this element of fundraising is new to our fans and all of college athletics, we believe in this trusted group of alumni and appreciate the thoughtful and deliberate approach they’ve taken to craft a program that reflects the mission and values of what it means to be a Boilermaker.

Purdue has also implemented the Boilermaker Marketplace Exchange (BMP). The BMP is a student-athlete NIL business registry, custom-designed for businesses, donors, alumni and any other individual interested in connecting with Purdue student-athletes for NIL opportunities. To engage directly with Purdue student-athletes, sign up here.

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If you are interested in learning more about naming opportunities or additional ways to support these initiatives, please contact your Boilermaker Athletics Representative or email jpc@purdue.edu.

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