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Travel Partners

Find out more about the companies we have partnered with to provide alumni travel opportunities.

Ahi Travel 60 Years of Excellence Logo


Phone: 800-323-7373
Web: purdue.ahitravel.com

Go next

Go Next

Phone: 800-842-9023
Web: gonext.com/groups/purdue/
Contact: askgonext@gonext.com

Gohagan & Company

Gohagan & Company

Phone: 800-922-3088
Web: gohagantravel.com

aesu Alumni World Travel


Phone: 800-638-7640
Web: aesu.com/purdue
Contact: alumni@aesu.com

Lindblad Expeditions | National Geographic

Lindblad Expeditions

Phone: 866-755-0367
Web: expeditions.com/

Travel Partners

Find out more about the companies we have partnered with to provide alumni travel opportunities.

Alumni Holidays International

AHI is a creative travel company recognized around the world for its design and operation of exclusive travel programs since 1962. Our deluxe programs cover the world from Europe to Asia, from the Pacific to the Atlantic and are distinguished by innovative itineraries and an unwavering commitment to service and quality. AHI has consistently met and surpassed the expectations of the most discerning international travelers. Many repeat clients boast 15, 20, even 30 trips with us. AHI truly offers the highest level of service in the U.S. travel industry. Our travelers attest to this.

Gohagan & Company

Gohagan & Company develops and operates deluxe group travel programs for America’s most prestigious museums, colleges, universities and cultural institutions. The Company’s unique itineraries and educational components are paired with the style and comforts of the world’s finest cruise ships, trains and hotels and enhanced by world-class guides and academic experts. Designed with the knowledge and insight provided by more than 20 years of experience Gohagan & Company travels from the pristine wilderness of Antarctica to the unfolding mystery of China, from the Celtic Lands of Britain to the bustle of Istanbul’s bazaars, from the medieval villages of France to East Africa’s game parks, from the spectacular Dalmatian Coast to Russia and the great countries of the Baltic. En route, Gohagan & Company passengers don’t just see the world, they experience it.


For over 34 years GoNext has been offering travel opportunities to various destinations throughout the world. Whether a week in one European city, or a more extensive international adventure, GoNext keeps value-conscious travelers in mind. Years of experience in careful planning and attention to detail allows GoNext to offer tours of exceptional value that appeal to people of diverse age groups. Participants have the opportunity to tour on their own, or select from a wide choice of planned, informative excursions.

Odysseys Unlimited

Founded in 1998, Odysseys Unlimited has emerged as the leader in affordable, high-quality small group travel. Their Special Interest division has a client roster that includes more than 50 of the country’s most respected museums, alumni organizations, and other non-profit institutions. Odysseys Unlimited offers fully escorted small group tours and cruises to destinations throughout the world, including off-the-beaten path locations such as Nambia’s desert and Tibet’s capital. By limiting tours to only 24 guests, the company can provide an intimate, authentic travel experience with a high level of personal service. Their small group tours allow guests to move about easily and spontaneously, to stay in unique accommodations, and to experience one-on-one cultural encounters. Odysseys Unlimited further distinguishes itself by employing tour directors that are among the most experienced in the industry.

Orbridge Destination Specialists

If you’re looking to be engaged, informed, and perhaps even debated, then you’ll never want a tour with us to end. Our purpose is to bring true understanding of a destination to our guests.  We’re group travel experts, focused exclusively on designing small, intimate departures for like minded groups. We understand the needs of each group, and tailor our itineraries, accommodations, food, and excursions to those needs. We understand each group is different and have a large degree of flexibility built into our programs to allow for the group’s maximum experience. We concentrate only on destinations where we can offer truly superb experiences. We are experts on these destinations, and can provide the personal service that each group and guest needs. Through our unique itineraries, excursions and local knowledge and resources, our tours will peel back the layers of a regions, showing our passengers a unique view of a region or culture.

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