Purdue Alumni Entrepreneurship Network

The Purdue Alumni Entrepreneurship Network (PAEN) was launched with the goal of connecting graduates of Purdue’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTR) program as well as other Purdue alumni who are currently entrepreneurs while also advancing Purdue’s entrepreneurship community.

We are proud to host various programs, events, and networking opportunities throughout the year to fulfill our mission of connecting Purdue’s ENTR community and alumni entrepreneurs.


Purdue produces some of the top entrepreneurial talent in the world. PAEN is open to alumni from any Purdue degree program who own a business/startup or manage one; are considering entrepreneurial opportunities outside their current occupation; or are graduates of the ENTR program. We aim to be a resource for entrepreneurs to network and benefit from the experience, connections, and expertise of the Purdue community.


If you have questions or want more information about PAEN, please email us at  PAEN@purdueforlife.org. You can also reach out to Maria Whipple, staff liaison, at mwhipple@purdueforlife.org or 765-496-6281.


Andrew Stainko III (Class of 2009)—President

Ryan Kay (Class of 2009)—Vice President

We will be filling three board-member positions soon.


Membership in PAEN requires completion of at least one degree from an accredited Purdue campus and entry into any paid Purdue Alumni Association membership plan. Membership in the Purdue Alumni Association continues to offer engagement benefits as administered through the Purdue for Life Foundation. Please contact us via email at PAEN@purdueforlife.org for more information or to establish your PAEN membership.


PAEN is currently working on events that will be held this year. Stay tuned for more information!

Details and registration information for all Purdue for Life Foundation events can be found on the Foundation’s events page.


Elective Officers:

The board of directors shall elect a president and vice president. Additional officers may be appointed by the active members of the association at the regular annual meeting.


The officers shall take office immediately upon their election and shall serve for a term of three years or until successors are elected. Officers are eligible for reelection. Vacancies in any office may be filled for the balance of the term by the executive committee.


The president shall be the chief officer of the organization and shall be present at all PAEN and executive committee meetings. They shall be a member ex officio of all committees. They shall communicate to PAEN members to promote the welfare and increase the usefulness of the organization and shall perform other duties necessary to the office.

Board members:

Board members should attend all meetings and assist in events, engagements, and growth of the network’s vision.