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Purdue Ties

Expand your network and participate in mentoring!

Purdue Ties is the premier networking and mentoring platform of Purdue University. Users can post updates, share resources, request professional development help, connect with a fellow Boilermaker for mentoring, and browse job postings.

This platform is available for alumni, students, faculty and staff, family, business partners, and friends of the University. Basically, it’s for anyone who wants to support Purdue!

Joining Purdue Ties is easy—just follow these small steps:

  • Create your account at purdueties.com.
  • Wait to be approved by the site administrator. This will take approximately 24–48 hours.
  • Finish setting up your profile.
  • Begin networking with other Purdue faithful.

Purdue Ties is sponsored by the Purdue University Leadership & Professional Development Initiative, a campus-wide framework for intentionally developing students’ leadership and professional development knowledge and skills.