8 women lined up. From L - R: Blonde white woman with red shirt and jeans, black female with blue shirt and yellow pants, older white woman with jeans jacket and jeans, white woman with scarf and jeans, black woman with teal shirt and pants, white woman with long coat, pink dress, South Asian woman with polka dot red maroon shirt and jeans, older Eastern Asian woman with shirt and pants.

About the Purdue Women’s Network's Network

We’re uniting the efforts of all Purdue women to amplify our impact.

In October 2020, the Purdue Alumni Association’s International Council of Purdue Women and the Purdue Research Foundation’s Women for Purdue merged to create the Purdue Women’s Network. Working together, we’re united to better the future of Purdue women, past and present.

The Purdue Women’s Network creates a sisterhood of alumnae and university friends that motivates, inspires, uplifts, and connects Purdue women — now, and for life.

“I was recently accepted into the Computer Graphics Technology 3+2 program. I will graduate in 5 years with my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Purdue and then plan to become a Fulbright Scholar to better understand the aspect of design around the world.”
Lea Marie Hawkins
Class of 2021

About the International Council of Purdue Women

The International Council of Purdue Women was founded in 2017. Inspired by Kathleen Sarpy (LA’92) — and fueled by the shared experience of so many women — the International Council of Purdue Women was conceived as a way for Purdue women — across all ages, degrees, and professional interests — to share, connect, and grow together.

“I find that when women get together and connect and inspire one another and lift one another up, really good things happen,” Sarpy says.

About Women for Purdue

Boilermaker women are special. Those who call Purdue their alma mater and those who have come to love the University want to play a significant role in the University’s future success. In 2003, Women for Purdue was established to encourage and celebrate women’s leadership in giving to the University.

In 2018, there began an increasing recognition and interest in the progressively important role that women had taken in philanthropic efforts. Women for Purdue is a collaborative philanthropic community that inspires women to recognize their individual and collective power to make a difference at Purdue and beyond.