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Cocktails and Conversation

Join us as we raise a glass to Purdue women everywhere!

Cocktails and Conversation is a free online event created by the Purdue Women’s Network to highlight outstanding Purdue women and stimulate engagement in an informal setting. Events take place once a month during the academic year and last an hour.

Each session covers a new topic and features one or more Purdue faculty member, staff member, or student sharing their professional expertise and personal experiences. Attendees have the opportunity to gain insight on new or impactful subjects, ask questions, and make new connections with other Boilermaker women.

The best part? Every time we get together, the event opens on a light note and closes with a toast!

Upcoming Events

To explore and register for upcoming events in this series, go to the Purdue for Life Foundation events page and search “Cocktails and Conversation.” Information can also be conveniently located on the Purdue Women’s Network Facebook page.

Cocktail rule!


Check out some of our past speakers and drink recipes. Cocktails can be modified for nondrinkers by simply skipping the alcohol. If you’re interested in viewing past events from this series in their entirety, you can visit our dedicated YouTube archive.

Anne Marie Edwards

February 2023

Anne Marie Edwards (HHS’04, MS HHS’06), the new director of the Purdue Black Cultural Center, presented “Black Cultural Centers as Spaces of Belonging.” She explained the history and relevance of Black cultural spaces on college campuses and discussed her vision for developing the space at Purdue.
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Beth Holloway

March 2023

Beth Holloway (ME’92, MS ME’97, PhD EnE’13), assistant dean of diversity and engagement in Purdue’s College of Engineering and Leah H. Jamieson Director of the Women in Engineering Program, presented “Women and Leadership: Strategies and Opportunities.” She addressed the barriers for women in leadership and presented strategies for making a change.
Debbie Knapp

April 2023

Debbie Knapp (MS V’88), Dolores L. McCall Professor and distinguished professor of comparative oncology, presented “Dogs Are Man’s and Woman’s Best Friend.” She shared recent studies on improving the outlook for dogs with naturally occurring cancer.
View the recording
Marissa Tremblay

May 2023

Marissa Tremblay, an assistant professor in Purdue’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, presented “Leading as a Woman in Geoscience.” She shared her experiences as a leader in the male-dominated profession of geoscience and discussed how field work in remote locations, including Antarctica and Tibet, shaped her career and worldview.
View the recording
Madison Sowards

September 2023

Sowards, venture community manager for the Startup Foundry at Purdue Innovates, presented “Startup Foundry: Fueling the Flight of Innovation for Female Founders.” She discussed ways female founders can set the new standard and take their companies to the next level by leveraging the resources provided by Purdue Innovates.
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Cocktail rule!

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