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8 women lined up. From L - R: Blonde white woman with red shirt and jeans, black female with blue shirt and yellow pants, older white woman with jeans jacket and jeans, white woman with scarf and jeans, black woman with teal shirt and pants, white woman with long coat, pink dress, South Asian woman with polka dot red maroon shirt and jeans, older Eastern Asian woman with shirt and pants.
Purdue Women's Network Logo.

The Founders Circle

The Founders Circle offers a unique chance to contribute to an organization that advances the pursuits of women at all stages of their lives. Members must commit to a $2,500 contribution to the university to support the Purdue Women’s Network scholarship endowment.

The Founders Circle supports the underlying goals of the Purdue Women’s Network—inspiring women to recognize their individual and collective power to motivate, uplift, and connect with students, alumnae, and friends of Purdue.

Benefits of the Founders Circle

  • Strengthen local chapters: Together, we’re striving to build a global community starting at the one-on-one level. Through virtual forums and in-person events, Purdue women can build meaningful and lasting connections.
  • Assist young women leaders: Provide mentorship and develop programming for current students and recent alumnae.
  • Support education and training initiatives: Through workshops, retreats, and conferences, we’ll work through the diverse topics facing women today, including work-life balance, continuing education, entrepreneurship, and more.
  • Share your story: Encourage other Purdue women by sharing insights from your life and experiences.
  • Build global connections: Help Purdue women reach one another throughout the world via virtual programming. By coming together, we can share our perspectives to help each other learn and grow.
  • Leave a legacy: Finally, to recognize your contributions, we will display the names of the first 150 Founders Circle members on our website and a permanent plaque on campus.

Your Leadership—Making a Difference for the Next Generation

As a leader of the Founders Circle, you will have direct impact on the direction of the Purdue Women’s Network.

Set the priorities and agenda for the future of the Purdue Women’s Network.

  • Set financial and local programming vision
  • Review monetary requests from local chapters
  • Provide guidance on priorities for areas of impact

Help others achieve their desired careers and lives by sharing your knowledge and insight.

  • Cultivate the next generation of leadership
  • Promote your areas of expertise
  • Connect with young women eager for guidance and mentorship

To become a Founders Circle member, contact April Headdy, executive director for President’s Council, at

  • Chaney Abbott (HHS’05)
  • Cheryl Altinkemer (MS A’81)
  • Ann Angle (P’74, MS P’89)
  • Janet Ault (LA’70)
  • Jennifer Baralli (HHS’19)
  • Lydia Beehler (HHS’66, MS EDU’83)
  • Ann Marie Beuligmann (A’03)
  • Karen Bishop-Morris (MA EDU’96, PhD LA’02)
  • Janellyn Borden
  • Beth Bostwick (MS M’89)
  • Kathy Bowman
  • JoAnn Brouillette
  • Lynne Brown (LA’70, MS HHS’72, PhD HHS’81)
  • Susan Burke (HHS’78)
  • Lorene Burkhart (HHS’56, HDR HHS’97)
  • Patricia Byers (T’88, MS T’90, PhD EDU’97)
  • Cibelly Cabral-Schweizer (MS M’09)
  • Susan Caldwell (HHS’76)
  • Linda Cameron Murray (ME’85)
  • Theresa Carter (IE’85)
  • Chrissie Cartmell (A’07)
  • Vanessa Castagna (HHS’71)
  • Jana Caudill (T’93)
  • Diana Chiscon Floyd
  • Tamara Christen (IE’83)
  • Shannon Clements (LA’88, MA’90)
  • Patricia Coates (M’70)
  • Eve Colchin (HHS’82)
  • Debbie Cook (HHS’82)
  • Jennifer Cordova
  • Hollyn Culley (LA’17)
  • Carol Cure
  • Susan Daries (LA’00)
  • Judith Davenport (P’85)
  • Angela Demaree (DVM’02)
  • Ariella Divizio (IE’16)
  • Wendy Dukes (M’95)
  • Sally Combs-Dunaway
  • Kelly Eidson (M’00)
  • Elizabeth Eisele (LA’ 70)
  • Jennifer Esposito (HHS’90)
  • Ann Fagan (ME’83)
  • Roseann Kelly-Falls (MS M’98)
  • Mary Feitler
  • Kelly Filkowski (LA’01)
  • Diana Floyd
  • Kari Foote (HHS’92)
  • Susan Gadomski (HHS’69)
  • Elizabeth Garner
  • Toni Garza (M’92)
  • Jill Gough (A’98)
  • Jennifer Guidry (HHS’96)
  • Mary Lou Hazleton (HHS’65)
  • April Headdy
  • Kendra Heger (ChE’94)
  • Jill Heller
  • Mary Helmick (ME’86)
  • Ilenia Herrera Lutz (LA’94, MA’97)
  • Janice Hickle (LA’75, MS EDU’80)
  • Lisa Hoelscher (A’86)
  • Margery Hoffman (CE’75, MS CE’76)
  • Eva Huerta-Pavia (HHS’83)
  • Susan Istock (LA’91)
  • Gayle Johnston (S’76, MS M’78)
  • Miranda Tseng Katter (CE’97, MS CE’99)
  • Kelly Klocke (HHS’07)
  • Laura Kosmerl
  • Amy Krallman (LA’87)
  • Giovanna Krozel (ChE’99)
  • Lisa Lance
  • Elizabeth Lape (T’83)
  • Marilyn Larson
  • Deborah Lemonidis (ECE’82)
  • Maril MacDonald (LA’78)
  • Barbara Mangano (S’80)
  • Linda Mason
  • Jennifer Matsuzaki (LA’04)
  • Beth McCuskey
  • Patsy Mellot (HHS’69)
  • Maureen Merhoff (LA’73, MA’75)
  • Joyce Miles (HHS’65)
  • Linda Murray (ME’85)
  • Melissa Nesmith-Vester (HHS’98, NRS’06, MS HHS’02)
  • Sandra Norman (A’77, DVM’80)
  • Cinda O’Connor (P’76)
  • April Oliver-Thorne (M’82)
  • Jane Ogrizovich (A’74)
  • Sharon Paul (MS T’09)
  • Rhonda Pavicich (LA’91)
  • Linda Petkus (S’69)
  • Katherine Pope (M’81)
  • Sue Holder Price (LA’70)
  • Janet Qubain (ECE’79)
  • Ramona Quintanilla (S’86)
  • Janet Reed (S’69)
  • Martha Rees (CE’73)
  • Katie Rippel (A’02, MS A’03)
  • Traci Robison
  • Barbara Roden (M’83)
  • Cathy Russell (HHS’72)
  • Christine Russo (LA’67)
  • Marcia Sammons (HHS’75)
  • Kathleen Sarpy (LA’92)
  • Katie Sermersheim
  • Linda Shields (P’77)
  • Carol Shuttleworth
  • Andrea Simpson (HHS’80)
  • Jane Sipe (P’86)
  • Rita Smith (T’12)
  • Elizabeth Spencer
  • Lauri Sullivan (HHS’77)
  • Ann Taylor
  • LaTrice Porter-Thomas (HHS’93)
  • Joanne Troutner (LA’74, MS LA’76)
  • Marion Underwood
  • Julie Vanier
  • Barbara Vawter (HHS’70)
  • Rochelle Volpp (T’93)
  • Carrie Waszak (M’08, MS M’10)
  • Mary Westrick (S’78, MS P’80, PhD P’83)
  • Michelle White (LA’93)
  • Marjorie Windle
  • Nancy Winings (S’81, MS EDU’85)
  • Beverly Wisler (P’65)
  • Tracey Wolpert
  • Almira Yllana (ChE’99)
  • Jill Zaniker (HHS’89)

Patsy J. Mellott

BS College of Health and Human Sciences, 1969
Fishers, IN

Patsy earned a bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition in business from Purdue in 1969, in addition to an MBA in food marketing from Michigan State University in 1970. She retired from Kraft Foods in 2006 after 36 years in corporate food marketing and marketing communications management.

A community volunteer, Patsy serves on the Women’s Fund of Central Indiana Advisory Board and the Purdue College of Health and Human Sciences Dean’s Leadership Council, in addition to the President’s Council Advisory Board. She is a former member of the Health and Human Sciences Alumni Board. Patsy held several offices from 2006 through 2013, including president and treasurer. She serves her community’s Discover Indianapolis Club in Fishers, holding several leadership roles for over 10 years.

Patsy has received several honors, including the Purdue University Nutrition Science Department Hall of Fame recipient in 2009 and the Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award in 2016. She also received the college’s Gold and Black Award in 2016, an honor reserved for donors who have moved the college forward by committing exceptional financial resources.

In addition to endowing two scholarships, the Patsy J. Mellott Scholarship and Patsy J. Mellott HHS Scholarship, she established the Patsy J. Mellott Teaching Innovation Award in the College of Health and Human Sciences in 2013. In 2015, she endowed the Patsy J. Mellott Women’s Tennis Coach Performance Award. She is a lead donor in the Christine M. Ladisch Faculty Leadership Award and the Purdue Women’s Network Virginia C. Meredith Scholarship for the College of Health and Human Sciences.