An image of Purdue Latino Alumni Network group

Purdue Latino Alumni Network

The Purdue Latino Alumni Network (PLAN) brings together Purdue Latino alumni and friends with common interests by providing organized events, programs, networking, and fellowship. 

PLAN aims to provide structure and enhance efforts focused on creating and maintaining strong, rewarding relationships between Latino alumni and the University. Through this work, we hope to better celebrate our time at Purdue while also building a strong national and international community of support that goes beyond the student experience on campus.


In order to fulfill its mission of connecting Latino alumni and strengthening their bond to Purdue, PLAN will focus on several objectives:

  • Networking: To develop a worldwide network of Purdue Latino alumni and friends aiming to elevate and celebrate Latino achievement and success, while also growing a relationship between alumni and the University.
  • Professional Development: To create a platform and opportunities where professional Purdue Latino alumni and friends can come together to support one another, provide useful resources, and create opportunities for the development and enhancement of professional skills.
  • Community Service: To support others by actively participating in institutional programs and initiatives focused on uplifting Latino voices and lives both at Purdue and beyond.

Acknowledgment of Language

PLAN recognizes that there is no one word to encompass the vast diversity that exists within our community. For the purpose of this web page, PLAN will take direction from the Purdue University Division of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging’s terminology (i.e. Hispanic/Latino) and use Latino when referring to the group of individuals it represents.