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Purdue Black Alumni Organization

Purdue Black Alumni Organization

Dear Friend,

On behalf of the Purdue Black Alumni Organization (PBAO), I want to thank you for visiting our page and taking the time to learn more about our organization’s mission and work.

PBAO is an inclusive association of alumni, students, friends, faculty and staff who are committed to the advancement of African Americans at Purdue. Our reach includes programming activities on campus, events with local chapters, and a renewed focus on diversity initiatives at Purdue University.

PBAO will continually reach out to its members and encourage their involvement in PBAO. I invite you to learn more about the organization and become a part of PBAO. A portion of your membership fee will go toward supporting PBAO.

Join PBAO through a Purdue Alumni Membership!

In addition to your membership, a major way you can support our work is by contributing to our endowment fund. Together, we’re creating a $500,000 endowment to provide scholarships for generations to come. This is a significant undertaking. However, I have a strong belief in the commitment of our alumni to continue stepping forward on behalf of our University and our community.

We need the energy of alumni invested in Purdue’s future. I welcome your involvement and contribution.


Curtis Baylor
PBAO President

The Purdue Black Alumni Organization (the “PBAO”) seeks to advance, promote and exemplify a commitment to diversity at Purdue and a sense of community among Black alumni. PBAO strives to be an inclusive association of alumni, students, friends, faculty and staff who are committed to the advancement of African Americans at Purdue. PBAO will support the school’s recruitment and retention of students of under-represented ethnic groups; increase the financial support of the school among graduates/former students of color; be a network of support for graduates/former students of color, and serve as a voice within the school for the interests of current students and alumni.


(as set forth in the 1980 Constitution)

  • To promote the interests of its members and act for their mutual benefit
  • To provide a worldwide network of Black Purdue Alumni in support of Purdue University which seeks to encourage and develop excellence in students
  • To increase participation by Black Alumni in the affairs of the University
  • To contribute to the financial support of the University
  • To assist in the recruitment, matriculation, retention, graduation and placement of Black students
  • To aid Purdue University and Purdue Alumni in meeting the specific needs of Black students, alumni and faculty
  • To establish and promote the goals which strengthen the ties between the Alumni, the community and the University
  • To disseminate information about Purdue University and its various divisions including the achievements of Black Alumni

PBAO is an affiliate of Purdue Alumni. It was founded at the Commemorative Conference in recognition of the 10th anniversary of the Black Cultural Center and the first Purdue University Black Alumni Reunion in December 1980.