LGBTQ+ Alumni Network

We see you.

The Purdue Alumni LGBTQ+ Network connects a rich and diverse community of LGBTQ+ alumni and allies around the globe with opportunities to:

  • stay involved at events on campus or off
  • connect with, uplift, and inspire others in the LGBTQ+ and ally community
  • grow and develop skills and knowledge through mentorship opportunities
  • access career tools and resources to thrive wherever your future may lead
  • champion LGBTQ+ initiatives for future graduates

When you become a member of the Purdue Alumni Association, you are showing your support for the LGBTQ+ network and its commitment to enrich the personal, professional, and intellectual lives of alumni. You become part of an inclusive community that affirms you and through it, your voice is amplified to impact future generations of LGBTQ+ alumni.

Be visible, be you, and be involved in the Purdue Alumni LGBTQ+ Network that sees and supports you.

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If you want to get more involved with the LGBTQ network, let us know!

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Maria L. Whipple
Assistant Director, Regional Outreach
Purdue for Life Foundation