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President’s Council Virtual Programs

Headshot of Mitch Daniels, President of Purdue University
Purdue President Mitch Daniels addresses President’s Council

At his last President’s Council Annual Dinner as University president, Mitch Daniels spoke to our President’s Council family about gratitude, trust, and his unwavering pride for Purdue and our community. President Daniels’s tenure as president may be coming to an end, but his legacy will be felt for decades to come.

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Even Racehorses Get Asthma
Even Racehorses Get Asthma!

Laurent L. Couetil, Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine talks about the causes of asthma in horses and its impact on these animals’ athletic performance. Through this session, you will also explore the latest equine research at Purdue into natural ways for preventing and treating asthma in horses.

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Becoming an Online Educator, Student or Parent​
Becoming an Online Educator, Student or Parent

Timothy J. Newby, Professor in the College of Education shares the teaching and learning challenges experienced during the pandemic and what K-12 and college educators, students, and parents learned. You also will explore a new repository of strategies and tools that promises to make learning more effective, efficient, and appealing in our post-pandemic school environments.

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Two projected screens on the wall. Both showing different types of cells and scientific terms. Man is standing in front of the two screens, giving a lecture.
Understanding and Combating Replication and Spread of Emerging Viral Pathogens

Robert V. Stahelin, Retter Professor of Pharmacy and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, explores how emerging viral pathogens, including coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-2), Ebola virus, and others hijack human cell machinery for their own replication cycle. You will learn about efforts at Purdue to combat these viral pathogens with new therapeutics aimed at halting virus spread from cell to cell.

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Powerpoint Slide showing a collage of photos of dorm activities around Purdue. Title: "Residential Life Staff Got Creative" and had a bulletpoint list of different activities.
How University Residences Adapted to COVID-19

Barbara Frazee, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life, takes us on a “behind the scenes” look at how University Residences developed and implemented plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. From new room configurations and furniture to programming and student support, hear the story of how Purdue didn’t wait for a plan but forged ahead and created one to help make an on-campus experience possible for thousands of Boilermakers.

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President’s Council Annual Weekend
President’s Council Annual Dinner

This one-minute video highlights the 49th President’s Council annual dinner where we celebrated being back together again and presented the President’s Council Crystal Boilermaker Special to Byron and Sue Harrod for their support of Athletics and the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering.

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