Awards Program

Small Steps, Giant Impact Award

Established in 2018, this award is intended to recognize Purdue graduates whose “small steps” of kindness and service make a giant impact. Nominations are open until April 1 when the judging phase begins. A panel of judges will evaluate each nomination and advance the best submissions to a voting round. Voting is done by you – the Purdue Alumni – and will determine the winner of the “Small Steps, Giant Impact” award.

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Boilermaker Pride Award

Established in 2005, this award was introduced to recognize a club leader who has contributed time and service to the alumni club program and the Purdue Alumni Association over a significant period of time. Nominations are due each May 1 and require a one-page summary of the nominee’s service. Requirements include current or previous service as a club officer and being a current Purdue Alumni member. A plaque is presented to recipients each fall during Homecoming weekend at the Celebration Dinner. Also, a nameplate is added to the plaque in the Alumni Association office.

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Special Boilermaker Award

Established in 1981, the Special Boilermaker Award honors a member of the Purdue faculty or staff who has contributed significantly to improving the quality of life and/or bettering the educational experience for a substantial number of Purdue students. Purdue students, alumni, faculty, or staff may make nominations. Nominations are due June 1 of each year. Winners are selected by a five-to-seven-person committee. A special memento is presented and a nameplate is added to a plaque in the Alumni Association office, as well as a kiosk located in the Engineering Mall.

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