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Purdue for Life Foundation

The story of Wrigley and Cindy by Wrigley’s Family

Wrigley was a beloved pet whose family absolutely adored him. For 11 years, he spent time with us, sunbathing, playing as many rounds of Frisbee as we would allow, leaning up against us for attention and cuddle time, going on car rides with his chops flapping in the wind (providing endless smiles for those driving by), posing for pictures, and flinging his drool all around the house. When Wrigley became ill and needed care, we took him to the Purdue Veterinary Hospital. He received exceptional care during his time there, always looking forward to his visits, knowing he would receive lots of love, excellent care, belly rubs, and individual attention from the front desk staff, the liaisons, the veterinary students, the techs, the doctors, and everyone who interacted with him. Sadly, Wrigley is no longer physically with us, and we wanted to honor his blessed life and pay it forward to other families in need. The Wrigley and Cindy for Life Fund was created to honor Wrigley and primary care liaison Cindy Lavignette, who helped support us during his time at the vet hospital. Cindy’s heart serves the mission, vision, and values of the Purdue Veterinary Hospital, and we are incredibly grateful for her compassion, professionalism, and extraordinary care. The Wrigley and Cindy for Life Fund will offer financial assistance to clients who can otherwise not afford to treat their animal during times of critical need. We hope you will join us in honoring Wrigley and Cindy, while also helping other families and animals in need of care.