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The New Hall of Data Science

A special blend of mathematics, statistics, and computer science has led to an increased demand for data science graduates in all sectors, including health care, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation. Purdue has committed to meeting the demand for qualified data scientists and, through its Integrated Data Science Initiative, is working to ensure every graduate is data literate.

The completely renovated Schleman Hall will be a hub for thinkers and doers who transform a ceaseless stream of data into information, innovation, and knowledge. Students will have a vibrant and iconic spot to gather, study, and collaborate in an ideal location close to related College of Science departments in the heart of Purdue’s campus.

Data Science Web Floorplan

Naming Opportunities

One of the many naming opportunities available is the building itself. The complete renovation will integrate historical integrity with a more open and vibrant atmosphere featuring flexible, interconnected spaces uniquely configured for data science.


Focus Rooms


As part of the group work space area, these video conference rooms are acoustically private, making remote collaboration or interviews more accessible to students.




These work spaces, offices, and research areas will replace the traditional office suites, uniting undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research in an interactive campus-facing environment.


Faculty Work Café


Designed to provide incredible views of the Purdue Mall, this will be the perfect place for faculty to gather and enjoy the camaraderie and exchange of ideas that will enable new discoveries in data science at Purdue.


Teaching Labs


Each teaching lab will feature a lectern station and computer storage to support student learning.


The Seat Stair


This architectural feature will connect the lively student spaces on the first floor with the instructional labs on the lower level. The cascading bench-style seats will lead to open study spaces and provide an area where students can work in teams.


Undergraduate Commons


Undergrad Commons


The central area of the first floor will be transformed into an energetic student activity space. This part of the renovation will maintain historic details while creating an open, welcoming area for students to meet, study, and collaborate.


Your support for this project will give data science students and faculty an exciting hub to collaborate and advance research, ensuring that Purdue remains at the forefront of this rapidly changing field.

Contact James Parker at japarker@purdueforlife.org or 765-496-3525 to learn more about supporting this project.

Data Science Building