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Gold Line

Early-Stage Startup Presentations

Gold Line

Learn more about the seven early-stage companies that pitched at the Purdue Entrepreneurial Alumni Reunion Weekend Innovation Showcase. Interested in connecting further with the company? Contact ventures@prf.org to request an introduction.

  • Adipo Therapeutics. Adipo Therapeutics is a late-stage pre-clinical biopharmaceutical company developing a treatment to combat the dual epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Notch inhibition along with nanoparticle technology are used to increase daily energy expenditure by converting energy-storing white fat into energy-burning, metabolically beneficial brown fat. Adipo is based in Indiana. Contact: Karen Wurster
  • Aerovy. Aerovy is a software company developing solutions for airport electrification and electric aircraft charging, optimizing infrastructure operation at scale with machine learning. Contact: Nick Gunady
  • GoGig. GoGig is an anonymous professional networking platform that helps currently employed, passively seeking individuals advance their careers confidentially through career desire and cultural “fit” metrics using artificial intelligence. Hiring professionals can tap into a completely new group of passive candidates that they otherwise didn’t know existed through powerful algorithmic search. No job postings, no applying, no keyword crawlers, no “Tinder swiping” gimmicks. GoGig is based in Florida. Contact: Chris Hodges
  • MagLev Aero. MagLev Aero is developing the MagLev HyperDrive, a maglev-electric propulsion platform for the next generation of aircraft, drones, and eVTOL. MagLev Aero is based in Massachusetts. Contact: Ian Randall
  • Plotr. Plotr helps commercial real-estate businesses seamlessly merge, enhance, and decipher relevant data, making it intuitive to help them grow their business. Plotr is based in Texas. Contact: Peyton Truitt
  • Quantum Research Sciences (QRS). Quantum Research Sciences is an American technology company focused on the discovery, development, and delivery of practical quantum software. Quantum Research Sciences created the Department of Defense’s first operational quantum SAAS and is working toward new quantum applications every day. Quantum Research Sciences is based in Indiana. Contact: Ethan Krimins
  • ZUUM. ZUUM connects shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers on one logistics super platform. ZUUM delivers shipments reliably at a lower cost for shippers and at a higher profit for carriers through efficient technology. ZUUM is based in California. Contact: Matt Tabatabai