Develop U

Develop U

Welcome to Develop U, a professional development program for employees of the Purdue for Life Foundation!

At Develop U, we strive to meet the needs of our employees by offering a variety of opportunities at multiple levels for development and professional growth. From the moment you join us, you will be provided with resources and training to get up to speed quickly, allowing you to excel early in your career.

Our streamlined process of onboarding will give you resources at your fingertips and structured support not only in your department but across campus as well. You will be provided with frequent opportunities to engage with other new colleagues, seasoned mentors in our organization, senior team members, and other individuals in similar roles.

Professional development opportunities don’t stop with onboarding. Our offerings are multidimensional, from functional area and supervisory training to leadership development and self-care. Our goal is to provide you with support and programming from every angle.

Learn more about the Purdue for Life Foundation, meet our senior team, and check out the amazing work done by our staff through Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University (completed in 2019).

Let us Develop U!

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