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Small Steps, Giant Impact Award

About the Award

From small steps to giant leaps, Purdue alumni have left footprints for 150 years. Advocating for a child’s welfare. Rescuing abused animals. Seeking a cure for cancer. Landing a man on the moon.

Purdue alumni are as humble as they are exceptional. As industrious as they are willing. They take initiative without seeking recognition. Though the names and the stories too often go untold, there are innumerable ways in which small steps create giant impact. Locally and globally.

To mark Purdue’s sesquicentennial, and honor the dedicated work of alumni everywhere, the Purdue Alumni Association wanted to shine a light on these endeavors with the Small Steps, Giant Impact award.


Nominations were accepted from January 1 until April 1, 2019, our 150th Celebration year.

Selection Criteria

We asked people to nominate a Purdue graduate whose life and work make a giant impact. Even if it means the world to just one person.

It may be someone who …

  • Brings food to an elderly neighbor and spends time with them.
  • Mentors underprivileged youth and helps them realize their potential.
  • Works to make healthy food accessible in underserved communities.
  • Organizes volunteer relief efforts after disaster strikes.
  • Develops strategies to mitigate environmental impacts.

And the Winner is…

The Small Steps, Giant Impact award was presented during Homecoming celebrations to Rudy Shriram (M’13) for his tireless work on behalf of his tireless work for underprivileged and disadvantaged kids.