The Purdue for Life Foundation encourages clubs to maintain scholarship accounts at Purdue University.

2020 Purdue Alumni Club Scholarship Program Club-Selected Recipients

The 2021-22 club scholarship is here!  This year, we continue using a common online scholarship application and common deadlines for clubs that maintain scholarship funds at Purdue University and select their own recipients.  Please remember how you promote your scholarship to students and how you grade/review applications remains unchanged.

Online Scholarship Application

  • Link:
  • Incoming Freshmen
    • Click “I want to use my Admission Application login and password.”
  • Current Students
    • Click “I want to use my Purdue Career Account login and password.”
  • The application questions remain the same as the last two years. Please see attached for screenshots of last year’s application questions for your reference.

To learn more about Scholarship Universe, visit

Important Dates to Remember

December 15

Submit 1) list of scholarship committee members and

2) Signed DFA Confidentiality Forms for everyone on scholarship committee.

January 15

Admission Acceptance for Early Action Applicants.

Deadline to inform regional liaison for Purdue Alumni to send email to students.

January 21 Purdue Alumni sends email to students at club’s request.
March 1 Application deadline for students.
Mid-March Your club will receive applications for review.
April 15 Awarding deadline for clubs – email award recipient names to your regional liaison.

Division of Financial Aid (DFA) Confidentiality Form

DFA requires a list of all club leaders who will be reviewing scholarships for the upcoming 2021-22 awarding cycle.  Under the leadership of Heidi Carl, DFA improved their policies and procedures. They updated their data security policy and worked with their legal team to establish the attached confidentiality agreement. The agreement allows them to ensure they are being compliant with federal, state and university policies.

The agreement is for any person outside of DFA to sign. We understand the wording states ‘employee’; however, it also encompasses a volunteer.  It emphasizes the importance of protecting the data since it could include FAFSA data, which is highly sensitive.

Please email your regional liaison the following information and document:

  1. A list of all of your club leaders who will be reviewing scholarships
  2. Signed confidentiality statements submitted by everyone on your scholarship review list 

Awarding Criteria

Each club’s specific scholarship awarding criteria remains the same; however, DFA hosts the online applications so only students meeting your club’s scholarship criteria are eligible to apply.

Review Process and Selection of Award Recipients

Each club’s specific grading/review process remains the same.  You will have approximately one month (mid-March to April 15) for review, so it may be helpful to set internal deadlines to ensure you have selected your recipients by April 15. Reporting recipient names and amounts to us will remain the same. We will send more information about the process in March.

How to Promote to Students

  1. Club website
    • The link to apply is on the club’s webpage. We will update the dates over the next few weeks.
  2. Social media post
    • Share link on social media sites.
  3. Email to students
    • If you’d like to send your own email:
      1. Email me to request a list of students (incoming or current) from your club area.
        • Please note that we obtain these lists from the Office of Admissions and/or the Registrar, which may take up to two weeks for us to receive.
        • A signed copy of Appendix C: Disclosure Agreement for Student Addresses (attached) is required at the time of the student data request or already be on file with our office.  We must have a signed copy from each person in the club who will see this information (e.g. if multiple people would be on an email with your student list attached).
      2. Once we receive your list from Admissions/Registrar, we will email it to you.  The list is valid for two weeks. A new and updated list is required after that time.
        • We will share freshmen lists on or after January 15.
      3. Draft your email. A sample email template is below to help create your communication.
    • If you’d like the Purdue for Life Foundation to send on your behalf:
      • Please make this request to your regional liaison by January 15, 2021.
      • The Purdue for Life Foundation will send one general email to students on 1/21/21 to promote club scholarships on behalf of all clubs that make this request. We will not send the student list for you to review.
  4. Promote at local high schools
    1. Ask the school for best contact person. Share the link and instructions with schools.

Sample Email to Students

Subject Line:  Purdue Alumni Club of [City/County/Area] Scholarships

Email Body:

The Purdue Alumni Club of [City/County/Area] is proud to announce an academic scholarship program for [current/incoming] Purdue students living in [city, counties, area]. The scholarships are provided by the Purdue for Life Foundation and friends who have generously donated to support the next generation of Boilermakers in the Purdue Alumni Club of [City/County/Area]’s geographical area. This is the [X]th year of our club’s scholarship program; more than [XX] scholarships have been awarded in past years, totaling over $[XXX,000].

Applications are due by March 1, 2021, and will be awarded on or before May 1, 2021, for the 2021–22 academic year. Students who have received other scholarships are eligible to apply.

Recipients of the 2021 scholarships will be recognized at the annual Purdue Alumni Club of [City/County/Area] spring meeting[; there is no charge for a student to attend].

For more information, visit our club’s [website/Facebook page].

Please click here [add hyperlink] to apply [Current Purdue students will head to and enter their career account credentials.  Incoming students will access ScholarshipUniverse through their admissions portal.


Contact [name of President, Scholarship Chair, etc.] at [phone] or [email].

We hope to hear from you soon!  Hail Purdue!

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