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The Purdue Alumni Club of __________________________ has requested the club be considered inactive, and has asked the Purdue Alumni Association maintain its current cash balance totaling $__________________________ until the club becomes active again. The Club and Purdue Alumni agree:

  1. Club will issue a check payable to Purdue Alumni Association for all funds currently held by Club.
  2. Purdue Alumni will maintain a separate account for Club funds, and will not co- mingle those funds with other Purdue Alumni funds.
  3. Club funds will not earn interest while held by Purdue Alumni.
  4. Purdue Alumni will not serve as Club “bank”. Purdue Alumni will not pay any entity or individual with whom Club may have a business relationship, even if requested to do so by Club.
  5. Purdue Alumni will return the funds to Club when Club provides Purdue Alumni staff with proof they have met the guidelines for active clubs as outlined in the Alumni Club Handbook.

______________________________________________                                                    __________________________

President                                                                                                                                              Date

Purdue Alumni Club of __________________________ 

______________________________________________                                                   ___________________________

Ben Paolillo                                                                                                                       Date

Senior Director of Clubs and Networks

Purdue Alumni Association