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Many alumni clubs utilize raffles and auctions as a tool to raise money for their local scholarship effort. Below are some suggestion and tips for each of these programs:


  • A club can put lower priced items in a raffle and sell tickets.
  • The club can give one ticket per person in attendance or an extra ticket to members of the club as a membership benefit.
  • 50/50 raffles are popular.
  • In general, raffles raise less money than live or silent auctions. Attendees might buy $20 worth of raffle tickets, but much more money can be raised by auctioning an item such as a football helmet or autographed ball.

Silent Auctions

  • Display the item and provide a list for people to bid against one another.
  • A minimum bid should be provided. For example: Purdue Pete – $25.00.
  • The bidding list should include name, phone number, and bid amount.
  • A five-minute warning should be offered for bids to close.
  • Club officer should collect sheets with bids when indicated.
  • Announce the winners.
  • Have the treasurer or appointee ready to accept money from winners.

Live Auctions

  • Club does not need an auctioneer to successfully host an auction.
  • Display the items before the auction.
  • List the minimum bid.
  • Know each product and item value.
  • Extra information about the item can help increase the price.
  • Use warning system for bid such as, “Going once, twice, sold! To Purdue Pete!”
  • Give the item to the winner at the time he/she wins the bid.
  • Have an officer or treasurer write down DURING the auction the name of the winner and the winning price.
  • Collect money immediately after the item is sold.

Purdue Alumni will not support an activity in which a charity gaming event is conducted. That means Purdue Alumni will not assist with notifying alumni about the activity, promoting the activity, organizing the activity, and will not allow any revenue sharing funds to be used for the activity. Charity gaming includes, but is not limited to, casino games, poker, pull tabs, punchboards, and tip boards. Purdue Alumni will not support these events.

Signed balls from Purdue University sport teams to use as auction items can be purchased directly from the athletic department. Allow 2-3 months to have your order filled. You are allowed to purchase as many balls as you like. Custom autographs are possible; you can make all special requests on the order form.