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12 or More Weeks Before the Event

  • Confirm the event date with Purdue Alumni and set an RSVP date.
  • Outline event program, including objectives, guest speaker, etc.
  • Assign responsibilities.
  • Establish event budget, including facility rental, food and supplies, decorations, printed materials, A/V equipment, door prizes, gratuities, etc.
  • Calculate per-person event costs. Incorporate member/nonmember pricing.

10 Weeks Before the Event

  • Select and reserve location. Things to consider:
    • Is there convenient and adequate parking?
    • Is there an acceptable billing arrangement?
    • Is the room size appropriate for the crowd?
    • Is the noise level too loud to have a speaker?
    • Reserve A/V equipment, if needed.
  • Set menu and arrange for bar service, if appropriate.

8 Weeks Before the Event

  • Determine “staffing” needs for event, i.e. set-up assistance, a guest book/name tag table attendant, food servers, clean-up crew, etc. as needed.
  • Recruit members to staff the event.
  • Notify your regional liaison of any special needs for the event.

6 Weeks Before the Event

  • Submit pre-event information for online for email and social media request.
  • Order/purchase door prizes and other supplies.

3-4 Weeks Before the Event

  • Purdue Alumni sends e-mail for event.

One Week Before the Event

  • Prepare registration materials and name tags.
  • Provide final count to facility managers and caterers, as needed.
  • Send list of attendees to Purdue Alumni.

Day of the Event

  • Arrive 1-2 hours prior to event for any set-up and to make sure facility is arranged properly.
  • Recognize guests and speakers.

After the Event

  • Mail thank-you notes to participants and/or helpers.
  • Send post-event survey to attendees via email.


Organized by ________________________________________________________

Telephone _______________________ (daytime) _______________________(evening)

Mailing address ________________________________________________________

Email address ________________________________________________________

Event name ________________________________________________________

Purpose Target audience ________________________________________________________

Date ________________________ Time __________________________________

Location/Venue ________________________________________________________

Expected attendance ________________________________________________________ 

Admission price: $ _________ Purdue Alumni members $ _________ Non-members $ _________



Projected Expenses:

Facilities/room rental charges


Set-up charges/fees


Rental equipment (includes audio-visual, tents, risers, tables, chairs, etc.)






Bartender fees/gratuities


Promotional materials (signage, programs, flyers, etc.)






Transportation (includes buses, vans, parking, valets, and gratuities for drivers, etc.)


Miscellaneous (includes plaques, photos, speaker travel/expenses, and supplies, etc.)




Other alumni volunteers who will assist with the event: