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Educational Dreams Becoming a Reality Then and Now

Originally from Nicaragua, Joseph Pabst always had aspirations to work in the aviation industry. He was interested in all aspects of the field including engineering, flying, and management. With reputable programs in each, Joseph held a firm belief that Purdue was the right choice for his higher education needs.

Joseph’s father was a lawyer from Indiana who met and married his mother in Nicaragua. Born and raised in Central America, Joseph came to the United States in 1996 to pursue his post-high school education. And while his family did not have the financial resources to support the international tuition cost, his financial needs were met through some creative use of grants and scholarships.

He received his BS degree from the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology in 2000 and later received his executive MBA from the Krannert Graduate School of Management in 2005. As a sophomore, Joseph secured an internship with Continental Airlines in Houston, Texas. He continued his work with the company each summer thereafter. Post-graduation, he moved to a full-time job in their loyalty marketing division. While working on his MBA, he was offered a position on their sought-after corporate development team but ended up turning it down when loyalty marketing offered to promote him to his first management role.

Today, Joseph works for a Fortune 100 company in New York City. He recently added a generous provision in his estate plan to support LatinX students who are active within the Latino Cultural Center. “The help I got helped me achieve my goals, and a helping hand is key for all students,” Joseph said. His company also has a commendable matching program to further enhance the gift.

Joseph noted that while average tuition rates for most colleges have increased by thirty percent in the last ten years, Purdue has kept their rates frozen for eleven years. He says, “Purdue is leading the way in higher education and making it affordable—it’s just another reason why I decided to give back.” //

Writer: Andrea Marfell, Donor Relations Communications akmarfell@purdueforlife.org

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