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Purdue for Life Foundation

Upcoming Purdue for Life Travel Opportunities

September 13–18, 2023

Join the Purdue for Life Foundation for an eco-adventure!

  • True Canadian hospitality at Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge in Northern Manitoba
  • Pristine views of the northern lights
  • Air-and-land wildlife spotting excursion during annual caribou migration
  • Hiking, birding, fishing, and guided tours

Visit for more on this exciting excursion and other Purdue for Life trips.  

President’s Council Travel

Donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually to any Purdue school, college, program, department, or campus initiative automatically become President’s Council members.

Among many benefits, members enjoy exclusive travel opportunities, including the following:

July 22–August 2, 2023

A 12-night land-and-train adventure in Western Canada

August 24–27, 2023

An exploration of California’s Monterey Peninsula, its abundant marine wildlife, and natural beauty

Learn more about President’s Council membership and how you can help Purdue take the next giant leap in learning and discovery.