Frequently Asked Questions

What is Purdue for Life?

The Purdue for Life Foundation is an integrated advancement organization that encompasses the Purdue Alumni Association; the University Development Office, which includes President’s Council and the John Purdue Club; and alumni lifetime learning programs. The organization is an independent LLC (limited liability company) that resides within the Purdue Research Foundation.

The connection with alma mater does not end with graduation. Purdue for Life’s mission is to deepen alumni ties to the University and to drive and coordinate all alumni-related activities across the Purdue family’s post-graduation lives, while also working with alumni and friends to garner support for the institution. Our work will include providing lifetime educational support via on-campus and online learning for all Purdue alumni as they progress through their life stages and the educational learning updates those different stages may require. 

Additionally, Purdue for Life will work with our alumni to provide on-campus resources, on-campus alumni living, and retirement options. 

How did Purdue for Life originate?

In March 2019, President Daniels formed the Purdue for Life committee, composed of Purdue alumni and employees. The committee’s goal was to provide a vision and recommended implementation plan for advancing Purdue University through “deepening our alumni’s sense of value in their continued association with the university.” The committee immediately began studying if there might be a better way for Purdue to interact with its alumni base post-graduation in a more integrated fashion through the balance of their lifetime. 

In 2020, after study, discussion, and visits to many universities across the United States, the committee proposed to President Daniels and the Board of Trustees an integrated engagement and advancement model. This model is very similar to that at many large public universities, including Big Ten members, who moved to this model over the last decade with great success. The difference with the Purdue model is the added component of alumni learning over a lifetime. 

The Board of Trustees and the Purdue Alumni Association Board of Directors approved that proposal, and the Purdue for Life Foundation was announced on March 11, 2020.

What is the vision for Purdue for Life?

Purdue for Life will lead to new connections and better engagement with the entire alumni population through more-coordinated events and communication and the addition over time of a lifetime learning component. The vision is that the Purdue experience becomes not four years but lifelong.

What does the name “Purdue for Life” mean?

The name “Purdue for Life” reflects the organization’s mission to deliver the benefits of Purdue University—including education, enrichment activities, travel, and potentially on-campus residential opportunities—to alumni and friends throughout their lifetime, while also working with Purdue alumni and friends to garner support for the institution.

Will my contributions continue to go where I intend them to?

Yes, your generous contributions flow exactly as they always have:

  • Purdue Alumni Association donations go directly to PAA to support their engagement activities for the University and alumni, just as they have for well over 100 years.
  • John Purdue Club donations and dues flow into either JPC scholarship funds, JPC Athletics Department support funds, or donor-established endowment funds based on the donor’s support intentions. This is a continuation of current policy, with no changes.
  • School/Unit/Club donations go directly to support those organizations per your requests and designations. The donation itself is either held directly by the University in a fund managed specifically for that organization or goes into the Purdue University Endowment, managed by the Purdue Research Foundation. This is the same cash flow and management flow that the University has used to steward your donations for decades.
  • University endowment donations are managed by the Purdue Research Foundation. Semiannual distributions from the endowment funds are used only for the purpose for which the donor established the fund. Examples include scholarships, professorships, program support, facilities maintenance, and unrestricted funds for the University’s greatest needs. Fund agreement restrictions are agreed to between the donor and Purdue University through approval authority delegated by the Purdue Board of Trustees.

What is the governance of Purdue for Life?

Purdue for Life President and CEO Matt Folk reports to a five-member board of directors that includes President Daniels, three members of the Purdue Board of Trustees, and one member of the Purdue Alumni Association board. The alumni association will maintain its alumni board and membership levels and will retain its responsibility to nominate three members to the Purdue Board of Trustees.