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Welcome to the Web site of the Purdue Club of Omaha, Nebraska. Please use our menu above to find information on different topics.

The Purdue Alumni Association has 125 alumni clubs around the world. The club network is a great way to meet other Boilermakers, keep informed of campus activities and show your Purdue pride.

We hope you will consider taking part in the activities of the Purdue Club of Omaha and a member of the Purdue Alumni Association. Please feel free to call or write with any questions or suggestions you may have. Hail Purdue!


Club Scholarship Recipients

2015/16 – Justin Blessing (Omaha, NE)
2014/15 – Jonah Newton (Omaha, NE)
2013/14 – Lauren Kolkman (Elkhorn, NE)
2012/13 – William Andrews (Lincoln, NE)
2011/12 – William Andrews (Lincoln, NE)

Club Scholarship Policy

Scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis and will be limited to a maximum of two undergraduate students who reside within the following counties comprising  the club’s geographical area:



Scholarships will be merit-based, and the recipient(s) will be chosen by Purdue University’s Division of Financial Aid (DFA).  If an incoming freshman, a recipient must have at least a 3.5/4.0 high school graduation index.  If a returning student, they must have at least a 3.0/4.0 graduation index.  Preference will be given to students closest to graduation.

Each year’s total scholarship allocation will not exceed one-quarter (25%) of the balance of funds in the Club’s scholarship account.  An award can be granted to a recipient more than once.

Upon selection of scholarship recipients each year, their name(s) will be posted on the club’s website under the “scholarship” link.

In the event that no scholarship is awarded for a given year, that information will also be communicated to club members via the method described above.

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