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Welcome to the website of the Purdue Alumni Club of Northwest Indiana. Please use our menu above to find information on different topics such as upcoming events or our scholarships.  We also strongly encourage you to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram as we regularly post information to these social media channels, including events that happen on short notice.

The Northwest Indiana area is home to some 30,000+ Purdue alumni. The Purdue Club of Northwest Indiana was chartered as the Purdue Club of Lake County in 1949 and has continually fostered engagement with Purdue alumni and friends to this day!  In the mid-2000’s, the club expanded to include Porter, LaPorte, Jasper, and Newton counties, and thus evolved into the Purdue Alumni Club of Northwest Indiana.  The club serves as a link, to connect alumni and supporters both to the university, as well as to each other.

The Purdue Club of Northwest Indiana hosts a wide range of activities each year including football and basketball games watches, networking events, holiday parties, wine tastings, community service, and events for children.  In short, there is something for everyone!  One of our other major activities is awarding scholarships each year to high-achieving Purdue students from Northwest Indiana.  The club has awarded scholarships for many years, and the club’s board of directors focus each year on continuing this proud tradition by raising funds and soliciting applications.

A common question that we get is “how do I join the club?”  The good news is that anyone can be a member.  There is also no cost to be a part of our club, as it operates with support from both the Purdue Alumni Association in West Lafayette, as well as donations from alumni and friends.  We do highly encourage you to join the Purdue Alumni Association as your membership provides direct funding to our club, registers you as a member in the club area, and provides you with a host of other benefits.

We certainly hope that you will join us at an upcoming event.  If the club can ever be of assistance, or if you have any further questions about the club, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hail Purdue!

Mike Moskalick


The Purdue Alumni Club of Northwest Indiana annually awards the Purdue Scholar Award.  Students who think that they qualify for this award should start the application process by filling out the scholarship application and submitting it as soon as possible.

Criteria used to award the scholarship include:

  • Student must be currently attending any Purdue University campus
  • Must be a resident of the club area (Lake, Porter, Jasper or Newton counties)
  • Minimum of a 3.5 grade point average
  • Have participated in a student organization while a freshman at Purdue
  • Be a full time student having completed at least 24 credit hours
  • Will be an undergraduate student in the next academic year.  Note: Students who will be classified as a Professional or Graduate student in the next academic year are not eligible.

Make sure that you meet all of the criteria before applying.

The scholarship is not renewable.

Questions?  Email


Applications are due by March 1 and will be awarded on or before April 15 for the upcoming academic year.

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We hope to hear from you soon! Hail Purdue!

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