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As Purdue’s winter semester comes to a close, many incoming and current students are starting to think about scholarships for the next school year.  One of the changes we made to the club recognition program involves transitioning to a common online scholarship application and common deadlines for clubs that maintain scholarship funds at Purdue University and select their own recipients.

Purdue Alumni Club of Jackson County Scholarship Information
Applications are due by March 1, 2021 and will be awarded on or before April 15, 2021, for the 2021–2022 academic year.

We hope to hear from you soon! Hail Purdue!

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2019 Scholarship and PASE Recipients

$1000.00 Scholarship: Delaney Cummings

$750.00 Scholarship: Patrick DeBoor

$500.00 Scholarship: Robert Brannaman, Ethan Bundy, Jenna Ebler, Jenna Gray, Max McClure, Payton Reasoner

$250.00 Scholarship: Brandon Holtman, Elizabeth Lenart

PASE Recipients: Payton Farmer, Jackson Lahrman, Dalton Polley

2018 Scholarship and PASE Recipients

$500.00 Scholarship: Briley Abraham, Chloe Bryden, Anna Bullard, Tiller Cummings, Connie Li, Rachel Onken, Kristen Stucwisch, Carter Wait

$250.00 Scholarship: Clayton Covert, Morgan Hixson, Kaylynda Hoevener, Jeremy Pitts, Shelby Stuckwisch

2017 Scholarship and PASE Recipients

$1000.00 Gene Speaker Memorial Agricultural Scholarship: Chad Stuckwisch

$1000.00 Scholarship: Mason Pottschmidt

$500.00 Scholarship: Richayla Huff, Wyatt Johnston, Wesley Morning, Grant hackman, Skyler Stahl

PASE Recipients: Haley Westfall, Marie Armes, Sarah Montgomery

2016 Scholarship and PASE Recipients

$1000.00 Gene Speaker Memorial Agricultural Scholarship: Ryan  Scott Benter

$500.00 Scholarship: Hayley Carter, Cameron Deppen, Anne Franke, Jenna Lamb, Mason McClure, Michael Levi Paffenberger, Andrew Rodriguez

$250.00 Scholarship: Hannah Haubrey, Jack Harweger, Kailee Hildebrand, Daniel Horton, Christopher Rust

PASE Recipients: Olivia Benter, Hannah Gallion, Josiah Rudge, Jack Harweger (@Student Party)

$250.00 Scholarship (@ Student Party): Jenna Lamb, Lydia Pottschmidt

2015 Scholarship and PASE Recipients

$500.00 Scholarship: Lauren Findley, Jessica Kelley, Derek Lillo,  Fillipo Lippi, Braden Marcott, Joeseph Mullis, Kat Nolting, Marley Vehslage

$250.00 Scholarship: Sam Butt, Corey Combs, Ciara Fisher, Adam Lenart, Shelby Nierman, Kelley Sharp

PASE Recipients: Carissa Baughman, Corey Combs (@ Student Party), Ciara Fisher (@ Student Party), Matt Fouts (@ Student Party), Elle Huff, Kyle Jenson, Andrew Rudge, Delaney Sunbury, Amanda Stuckwisch, Marley Vehslage

$250.00 Scholarship @ Student Party: Joseph Mullis, Marley Vehslage, Grant Hubbard, Mitchell Moore

2014 Scholarship and PASE Recipients

$1000.00 Edgar Hackman Memorial Scholarship / PASE: Levi Bays (Brownstown)

$1000.00 Scholarship / PASE: Jack Tormoehlen (Seymour)

$500.00 Scholarships / PASE: Kyle Benter, Joshua Pollert (Brownstown); Alexis Heister, Anna Hoffer, Lydia Pottschmidt, Payton Warren (Seymour)

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