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The Purdue Club of Boone County provides fellowship for Purdue Alumni and Fans in Boone County, Indiana, as well as scholarships for local high school students. Everyone welcome!


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The Purdue Club of Boone County Scholarship is awarded to a Boone County high school senior who will be attending Purdue University. (See below for the 2016 scholarship recipients.)

One scholarship is given to a senior at each of the public high schools (Lebanon, Western Boone and Zionsville) located in Boone County. Upon winning the scholarship, the student must provide to the Purdue Club of Boone County a letter of acceptance to attend Purdue as well as provide a copy of their Purdue student identification. The factors in awarding the scholarship are (in no particular order):

  • Academic Achievement
  • Activities and School Involvement
  • Community Involvement
  • Financial Need
  • Purdue Commitment

Questions? Please contact Jane Hammock.

2016 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – John Plunkett
  • Western Boone High School – Madison Bright
  • Zionsville Community High School – James Sullivan

2015 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Charlotte Skillington
  • Western Boone High School – Emma Mendez
  • Zionsville Community High School – Erin Paul

2014 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Noah Molter
  • Western Boone High School -Tyler Hale
  • Zionsville Community High School – Benjamin Walters

2013 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Luke Everett
  • Western Boone High School – Jenna Lammott
  • Zionsville Community High School – Connor Thimjon

2012 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Allison Kraft
  • Western Boone High School – Michael McCormick
  • Zionsville Community High School – Courtney Rolland

2011 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Jacob Shapiro
  • Western Boone High School – Drew Price
  • Zionsville Community High School – Connor Stehr

2010 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Matthew Day
  • Western Boone County High School – Andrew Adams
  • Zionsville Community High School – Caitlyn Alvar

2009 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Kathryn Lennox
  • Western Boone County High School – Adam Hayden
  • Zionsville Community High School – Ann Alvar

2008 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Jessica Kendall
  • Western Boone County High School – Danielle Alete Crabtree
  • Zionsville Community High School – Katie Conrad

2007 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Chase Barnett
  • Western Boone County High School – Kassi Poole
  • Zionsville Community High School – Kristin Shrack

2006 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Lindsay Richardson
  • Western Boone County High School – Katy Kindig
  • Zionsville Community High School – Michelle Boyle

2005 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Monica Willhoite
  • Western Boone County High School – Amanda McKenzie
  • Zionsville Community High School – Lindsey Gangstad

2004 Recipients

  • Lebanon High School – Tasha Searles
  • Western Boone County High School – Laura Hill
  • Zionsville Community High School – Victor Gootee

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