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The PSUB Alumni Network unites PSUB leaders, past and present. The network works collaboratively with staff from PSUB and the Purdue for Life Foundation to connect you with the programs and memories you’re passionate about.

The PSUB Alumni Network provides opportunities to stay involved on campus or off, to support Purdue University and PSUB in ways that are meaningful to you. Mentor students, plan or join in activities and student-alumni events, and grow your personal network with PSUB leaders around the state, the nation, and the world.

The Purdue community is a proud family connected by tradition, accomplishment, and a world-class institution. Your involvement with PSUB holds many campus traditions as well – from Homecoming king and queen to swearing in the new PSUB leadership at the cross. Some of the programs PSUB sponsors are annual traditions in the lives of many people (Breakfast with Santa, coffee hours before football games, U-Sing) and the goal of the network is to foster those memories and assist with keeping the traditions strong for years to come.

The PSUB Alumni Network is an organized and professional network that allows PSUB leaders and friends of the PSUB organization to stay connected and support the student leaders of PSUB through time, talent, and gifts. An alumni steering committee of volunteers will be planning networking events with alumni and students and supporting the already established giving opportunities that benefit the student leaders of PSUB.

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There are several giving opportunities already available through the University Development Office for PSUB. Donations received are tax deductible and count toward your giving to Purdue University.

Check out the giving areas already established.

Donate to the PSUB Alumni Network where the funds go towards furthering the mission of the PSUB Alumni Network and alumni outreach.

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Ben Paolillo
Senior Director of Clubs and Networks