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About the Purdue Latino Alumni Network

The Purdue Latino Alumni Network (PLAN) was first established as the Purdue Latino Alumni Organization, or PLAO, in 2004. Original members were driven by an interest in reinitiating a relationship with the University. Through the creation of the Latino Cultural Center (LCC) on campus, PLAO was able to find a home and begin its efforts to officially create the organization.

As of 2021, PLAN hopes to pick up where PLAO left off—with a renewed effort in supporting spaces for Latino alumni to reconnect with Purdue and build a community of support that goes beyond the undergraduate student experience.

Staying Connected

If you have questions or want more information about PLAN, please email us at Also, you can keep up with network news and events on our Facebook page.

Leadership Team

Alumni Committee Members

  • Luis J. Balcazar Flores (Class of 2011) – President
  • Augustin Torres (Class of 2002) – Vice President
  • Brenda D. Balcazar Flores (Class of 2020) – Secretary
  • Jessica Aviña (Class of 2018) – Director at Large
  • Abelardo Molina (Class of 2009) – Treasurer
  • Gustavo Barajas (Class of 1993) – Director at Large
  • Ilenia Lutz (Class of 1997) – Director at Large
  • Yasmin Garcia (Class of 2005) – Director at Large

Supportive Partners