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BLACKPurdue is a feature-length documentary that begins with the presence of one lone black student at Purdue in 1894, David Robert Lewis. He entered a Purdue in which no blacks other than himself lived, studied, worked, or taught.

BLACKPurdue takes us from a world of exclusion and isolation through cataclysmic social change and seminal student protests, ushering in an era of achievement at Purdue that propelled the African-American experience from a basement corner in the Sweet Shop into the mainstream of campus, curriculum, faculty, and the Board of Trustees. BlackPurdue is a remarkable tale of evolution that inspires us to believe in the power of hope.

Because of the generosity of an alum, you can purchase this DVD for only $5.00 by emailing your request to to order your copy. You will be charged the $5.00 shipping fee for each DVD you order.