Two men in army fatigues standing in front of an helicopter. They are holding a black flag with P on it and BOILERMAKERS below the P.

Purdue Army ROTC Alumni Network Bylaws



The name of this organization shall be the Purdue Army ROTC Alumni Network (PARAN), hereafter referred to as PARAN. Given the nature of military service and the ability for service members to be stationed internationally, PARAN has no physical boundaries to constitute a typical network area. 


PARAN develops leaders and drives change by producing and mentoring informed, competent, and adaptive Army leaders, while assisting alumni in all different stages of their careers through ongoing networking and mentorship, and by creating frameworks to allow alumni to remain connected.


Membership in PARAN is open to any graduate of Purdue Army ROTC Boiler Battalion or previous member of Army ROTC at Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the board of directors on an honorary basis.


PARAN will not collect dues or an annual activity fee. The network may accept funds to help offset expenses for a specific network function.


The PARAN Board of Directors shall be responsible for establishing policies and conducting the business of the organization. Network members shall elect the Board and its officers. The Board will consist of at least three voting persons, which shall include the President, Vice President, and Treasurer. These three voting positions and the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) are positions that will be filled before any others. The Board will also consist of two non-voting persons—the Ex Officio and the Past President. Board directors and officers must have an active Purdue Alumni membership.

The following officers shall serve in a voting capacity:

  • PRESIDENT: The President will preside at all meetings, will serve as the chief executive officer, and shall serve a term of two years. The President is limited to two consecutive terms and shall not serve more than eight years in a 12-year period.
  • VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President will serve in the absence of the President and shall serve a term of two years. The Vice President will also serve on committees as appointed by the President. The Vice President shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.
  • SECRETARY: The Secretary will record the minutes of all meetings, preserve all written reports, keep an active official list of network participants, and shall serve a term of two years. The Secretary shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.
  • TREASURER: The Treasurer will be responsible for handling money, receipts, and payment of bills. The Treasurer shall communicate to PARAN membership in writing the network’s financial status at least once per year and initiate an annual review of finances at the end of each fiscal year. The Treasurer shall serve a term of two years. The Treasurer may not serve more than two consecutive terms.
  • ASSISTANT TREASURER: The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer and may act on behalf of the Treasurer if the Treasurer is not available. The Assistant Treasurer shall serve a term of two years. The Assistant Treasurer shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.
  • PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER: The PAO is chiefly responsible for the Purdue for Life portal page in any outreach-specific actions. In addition, the PAO is the page administrator and lead approver for PARAN members who want to join the Purdue Ties community network.

The following officers shall serve in a non-voting capacity:

  • PAST PRESIDENT: The Past President will serve as an advisor to the current Board. The Past President will ensure a clean transition for a newly elected Board by ensuring continuity. The Past President will be the outgoing President and shall serve for only one year after not being re-elected.
  • EX OFFICIO—Boiler Battalion Professor of Military Science (PMS): The Ex Officio is the current Boiler Battalion Professor of Military Science (PMS), who will, upon request, update the Board on contemporary Boiler Battalion matters and needs. There are no term limits imposed on the Ex Officio by the network, but PMS is a rotating position by nature of Army Talent Management.

In the event an officer vacancy occurs in the middle of a term, the president may appoint any member as successor to hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term. A majority of the network’s Board of Directors must vote to affirm this selection, and this officer must have an active Purdue Alumni membership.


Business meetings shall be held at least once each year and at such additional times as the Board of Directors shall deem necessary. A good-faith effort shall be made to notify all network members 30 days prior to holding such meetings.

One meeting each year shall be designated as the annual meeting for the election of officers and directors. Robert’s Rules of Order on parliamentary procedure shall govern the conduct of each meeting. The network’s operating year shall mirror the Purdue for Life’s fiscal year: July 1–June 30.


This constitution may be amended only at a regularly scheduled meeting and by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors. Amendments must have been proposed at a previously held meeting and shall be included with the meeting notice, referenced in Article VI. Amendments must also be approved by Purdue for Life.


The constitution shall be adopted upon its approval by a majority vote of the alumni in attendance at a network meeting for that specific purpose. Adoption requires the approval of Purdue for Life staff. All alumni in PARAN are to be notified at least 30 days prior to this meeting.

Following approval, PARAN will be formally established by its addition to the official Purdue for Life Network directory. Purdue for Life will provide the network president with an approved copy of the constitution.


PARAN may be dissolved for one of the following reasons:

  • The PARAN Board of Directors notifies Purdue for Life in writing of its desire to dissolve.
  • The network fails to have an activity for two consecutive years after the date of the most recent activity reported to Purdue for Life.
  • The network does not fulfill the purpose stated in Article II.

After dissolution:

  • The PARAN Board of Directors shall notify Purdue for Life in writing of its intent to dissolve.
  • Other individuals wishing to organize a new network may do so through the adoption of a new constitution.
  • Any assets accumulated by PARAN will be forwarded to Purdue for Life.