Kart Museum

The Grand Prix Kart Museum is a mobile museum that encapsulates the history behind the Grand Prix race. The Kart Museum was established in 2012 by Grand Prix alumni and historian Dave Fuhrman as an idea to bring together the past and present history of the ingenuity and engineering behind the Grand Prix. Within this Kart Museum, you can find karts driven by past winners like Jim Feustel in 1965, Al Brittingham in 1967 and 1968, Chuck Sprague in 1976, and tons more! The Kart Museum also features the first SWE kart from 1974, diagrams of all the different track layouts, and some early video footage of the 1962-1966 races. The Kart Museum is open and on display every year during the annual Grand Prix Race. Check out the images below of what’s displayed inside and outside the Kart Museum!