Appendix A: Purdue Alumni Club Agreement

The following sets forth the terms and conditions of the agreement between the Purdue Alumni Association and Purdue Alumni Club of __________________________________________.

The parties agree to the following:

Purdue Alumni Association will provide the following:

  • $500 operational support funds per fiscal year
  • Up to $250 for speaker reimbursement per fiscal year
  • Up to $250 for travel reimbursement for the Alumni Leaders Conference per fiscal year
  • Dues sharing will be paid in the 2020-21 fiscal year if club achieves Gold or Silver level in Club Recognition Program in 2019-20 fiscal year
  • Scholarship donation will be made in 2020-21 school year if club achieves Gold or Silver level in Club Recognition Program in 2019-20 fiscal year

Club agrees to meet annual requirements:

  • Will not collect club dues, annual activity fees, etc. moving forward. Collecting individual club dues, annual activity fees, etc. directly conflicts with the goal of increasing Purdue Alumni membership, which specifically supports our clubs.
  • Will adopt Purdue Alumni Club online scholarship application and awarding timeline (only for clubs that maintain scholarship funds at Purdue University and select their own recipients). March 1 is the application deadline for students. April 15 is awarding deadline for clubs. Purdue Alumni will provide the online scholarship URL for distribution and promotion in the fall.
  • Submit Disclosure Agreement for Student Addresses (Appendix C).
  • Submit Purdue Alumni-approved club bylaws/constitution (in years changes made).
  • Incorporate member/non-member pricing for all fee-based events and follow pricing guidelines listed in Appendix Q.
  • Maintain a club web presence with a website and/or Facebook page. Promote all club events on these sites. Web presence will be reviewed quarterly by Purdue Alumni staff liaison.
  • Maintain club community in the Purdue Alumni Association Portal, which includes posting all events and responding to inquiries posted to the community within two business days.
  • Participate in all campaigns organized by the Purdue Alumni Association. This could include, but is not limited to, membership campaigns, promoting Purdue Alumni initiatives via social media, and scholarship fundraising efforts like Purdue Day of Giving.
  • Submit roster of club officers. All must be Purdue Alumni members at the PLUS tier or higher
  • Submit post-event information form and payment request form online no later than one month after the event date. Forms submitted more than one month past event date will not count as a qualified activity for the club recognition program or be eligible for dues sharing reimbursement. Submitting event information in a timely manner helps Purdue Alumni to recognize and track overall monthly engagement. In addition, it builds an events library of ideas and best practices for all clubs to use and share.

For $500 operational support funds, check one:

[ ] Our club has a checking account in its own name. Please send check, made payable to ________________________________________________________ (club name listed on checking account), and mail to club treasurer, _________________________________ , at ______________________________________________________ (mailing address).

[ ] Our club does not have a checking account in its own name. I understand that our $500 operational support funds will be provided on a reimbursement basis.

Accepted by:

Club Name

Club President’s Signature Printed Name


Purdue Alumni Association

Ben Paolillo, Senior Director of Clubs and Networks