Michelle Bates

Michelle BatesMichelle Bates joined the University Development Office in 2019 as the Assistant Vice President for Advancement Information Technology. Prior to this position, Michelle served as the Director of the Project Management Office within Purdue Information Technology. In this role, she set strategic direction, led the project managers, and was responsible for driving maturity and quality in both project delivery and project portfolio management. Before this assignment, Michelle held various management positions in that office as well as served as Information Technology Manager at Purdue Federal Credit Union, overseeing the ecommerce, application and development, core systems, and customer service teams. What first started as leading a large software implementation project grew into a love of leading technical operational teams and technical projects.

Michelle’s educational background is in Information Technology and Management, with a Bachelor of Science in Management, minor in Management Information Systems, and a Master of Science in Technology Leadership, both from Purdue. She also holds an MBA Certificate and maintains a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Michelle is passionate about the strategic value of IT and emphasizes the people side of the technology profession. She is enthusiastic about learning the technology in the development space and is looking forward to some exciting projects on the horizon.